Adam Pettry earned his bachelor’s degree in Flute Performance from Eastern Kentucky University in 2011. During his studies he served as Principal Flute and Piccolo in the EKU Symphony Orchestra, Associate Principal and Piccolo of the KMEA Inter-Collegiate Symphony Orchestra, and he was a prizewinner in the Flute Society of Kentucky Collegiate Artist Competition, the Josephine Walker American Music Competition, and was a Delta Omicron Jane Wiley Kuckuck Scholar. In addition to being selected as a performer in the prestigious Panoramic Flutist festival in Boulder Colorado, Adam has performed in the masterclasses of Michel Debost, Leone Buyse, Christina Jennings, Jean Ferrandis, Jennifer Keeney, and Nina Perlove. After his formal studies Adam was a freelance flutist in Dallas, TX while working as a librarian in one of the world’s largest libraries of flute sheet music. Most recently he served as the Principal Flutist of the Cannon Valley Symphony in Northfield MN, and performed with multiple orchestral ensembles in Central Kentucky. Adam was a student of Dr. Kristen Kean, Mrs. Jana Flygstad, Claire Johnson and studio flutist Jim Walker.


While pursuing an ambitious performance career, Adam also held a fierce interest in the mechanics of musical instruments. After living in Dallas, he was admitted to the Band Instrument Repair program in Red Wing, Minnesota at the Minnesota State College- Southeast Technical. He graduated with Honors shortly before working as a woodwind technician in Central Kentucky. Quickly however, his interests turned toward fine flute repair and instrument making which led him to establish his own company and complete an apprenticeship at Covey and Ramsay Oboes where he studied artisanal instrument making, culminating in the debut of his own line of custom headjoints. Adam's commitment to quality and detail has swiftly catapulted his work onto the national stage, becoming the choice technician for several Powell, Miyazawa, and Sankyo artists. His work has also garnered the attention of fine flutemakers and retailers as one of the premier craftsmen of the southeast. Adam is a Straubinger Certified Technician and a JS Engineering Gold Pads Technician.