Founded amongst world renowned flute and oboe makers in the Appalachian mountains, Pettry Flute & Piccolos offers nothing less than the best.  Settled in Historic Roswell, GA, here you will find a supreme blend of innovative technology and time honored tradition. If your flute or piccolo enters my shop, not only will your instrument be restored with supreme precision, but it will also be measured and documented so that I can keep it at its utmost potential time and time again. Blending the knowledge of repairmen and makers alike, it is my mission to not only keep your flute or piccolo in pristine condition, but to also investigate, evaluate, and refine minute details overlooked by previous technicians and even perhaps…the maker.

Not only will your instrument receive my undivided attention as a technician, but it will also experience the rigorous testing that only a professional flutist can provide. In my performing years, I was known for having a bold, clear, and expressive concept of sound; a sound that will only manifest if an instrument is in peak condition. If I'm not happy with it as a flutist, then it's not finished. Period. And I keep that standard for any instrument that I repair or any headjoint that I make.

Quality is not something that is governed by cost when an instrument comes across my bench. Of course… time is money after all, but let me be concerned about that. An adjustment is either done correctly, or not at all. Any other standard is simply unacceptable, and I will guarantee that measure time and time again. Let it be my privilege to offer my skills as a flutist, repairman, machinist, and maker to you.