The Prestige Piccolo

For far too long, the piccolo has been treated as a 'lesser' instrument, with fewer options and more compromises than solutions. For professional players, we have been left with a small handful of quality brands that offer one acoustic model, with the opportunity to choose limited add-ons at a premium price. Honestly, many of these upgrades are crucial to play the instrument at its best, both acoustically and practically.


The Pettry Prestige Piccolo is our first acoustic model, and it is designed to offer an instrument with presence, character, clarity, and stability. After years of acoustic and mechanical research spent studying the craftsmanship of world class makers spanning over a century, the Pettry Prestige Piccolo is the newest development in the modern piccolo. Blending together the brilliance of the best piccolo-making minds in history, we have created an entirely new generation of instruments where compromise is no longer an option.


Handcrafted from aged hardwoods, the Pettry Prestige Piccolo is available in Grenadilla and Mopani all sterling silver keywork, our piccolos benefit from a fully pinless design for optimum rigidity, durability, and precision of adjustment.


"Fully Loaded" is Our Standard

Where other companies allow you to upgrade your instrument with features, at Pettry Piccolos, we believe that these options are acoustically necessary for a fully functioning instrument. Every Pettry Prestige Piccolo features an all sterling silver, fully pinless mechanism with a vented left hand C key, On/Off Split E Mechanism, and a Brossa F# key. Additionally, every Prestige Piccolo comes with a solid hardwood case, and a custom leather FluterScooter Piccolo Case Cover made exclusively for Pettry Piccolos.


The Pettry Prestige Piccolo

Standard Features:

Grenadilla body pitched at A=442, sterling silver pinless mechanism, Vented Left Hand C Key, On/Off Split E Mechanism, and Brossa F# key. Straubinger Pads with cork pads below the waterline. Priced at $6,495.00, please direct all sales inquiries to our exclusive dealer, Flutistry Boston.

Additional Options:

All Cork Pads +$200

Mopani Body (includes matching headjoint) +$800

Omni Trill Key: +$850. By Special Order Only

Headjoint Options:

Matching Wood headjoint and Weighted Crown included in purchase price.
Mopani Wood Upgrade: +$200

Wave Version of Any Standard Cut: By Special Order Only