Flute Hinge Rod Fitting

Cleaning, Polishing, and Fitting a footjoint hinge rod during an overhaul.

Custom Head Corks
Felt, Straubinger, and JS Gold Pads

Only the best materials are used in any COA or overhaul.

Muramatsu Before
Muramatsu After
Tonehole Soldering
Custom Key Extension

Key Extensions available in Brass, Sterling Silver, and Gold.

Tonehole leveling

Flat Toneholes are the secret to padding success.

Wood Tonehole Repair

Wood Toneholes can chip and become warped. Sealant helps protect the rims and increases resistance to distortion.

Replacing Post Threads

Sometimes threads in posts get damaged beyond repair. Many technicians will simply re-tap the threads with a larger size. I'd prefer to keep the original threads and replace them with a permanent insert.

Wood COA
Headjoint Cutting & Repair
14k Haynes Gold Pad Conversion

14k Haynes Gold Pad Conversion

Dirty Embouchure Hole
110 Year Old Flute Before
110 Year Old Flute After
Instrument Delivery Available
Rib Soldering
Custom Magnehelic Leak Locator
Some things are best in the dark
Miyazawa Gold Pad Overhaul
Where the magic Happens
Hinge tube reaming
Test Playing a Miyazawa
14K Haynes repadding