Clean, Oil, and Adjust:

Upon arrival, your instrument is play tested and assessed to identify needed repairs. Once determined and discussed with you, your instrument will receive the following standard treatments:

  •             Ultrasonic cleaning of all body tubing

  •             Full hand polishing of all tubing, keywork, and hinge rods

  •             Removal and replacement of oil throughout

  •             Pad leaks are identified, and shimmed. Torn pads are replaced and installed as needed.

  •             All keys are adjusted and synchronized.

  •             A new head cork is custom fit and installed.

  •             It is thoroughly test played and re-adjusted as needed to guarantee top performance and stability.


This service is where every aspect of your instrument will be inspected and it will be fully restored achieving a balance of mechanical restoration and aesthetic beauty.

  •             All parts will be inspected under high scrutiny for mechanical and cosmetic condition.

  •             All parts will be ultrasonically cleaned.

  •             Joints are checked for straightness, and roundness, then refit.

  •             Hand polishing of all parts and cosmetic blemish removal performed (as possible) including dent work and inspection, repair, or redressing of bore blemishes and tonehole undercutting.

  •             All solder joints are inspected and replaced or repaired as needed.

  •             Posts are aligned, and springs replaced or reshaped as needed.

  •             Toneholes are inspected for distortion and levelness, then adjusted and repaired as needed.

  •             Hinge rods and tubes are assessed for wear, straightness, alignment, and fit between posts. Steels, hinge tubes, and pins are replaced as needed, and keywork refit throughout.

  •             Key cups are straightened, checked for distortion, and restored to perfect flatness and roundness as needed. Spuds are assessed and replaced if needed.

  •             Pads, corks, foams, felts and adjustments are replaced.

  •             All keywork is synchronized.

  •             New head cork is custom fit and installed.

  •             Thoroughly test played and readjusted as needed to guarantee top performance and stability.

Headjoint Cutting & Repair

The headjoint is the heart of your instrument. Every curve and contour drastically affect the response and timbre of your sound.  As musicians, we know this and it’s why we guard this part of our instrument at all costs. Once damaged, it will never be the same. Or perhaps we as musicians have changed and our equipment no longer suits our needs. Many things can be done to repair or enhance a pre-existing headjoint, but there are limitations. Let me assess your headjoint and discuss your sound with you in a thorough, hands on consultation. This service is only offered as a one on one, in person appointment.


Misc. Services

In addition to the standard maintenance packages offered, I am able to provide any repair or adjustment that you require, including but not limited to:


Key adjustment

Mechanism re-alignment

Dent and scratch removal

Rust Removal

All types of pad, cork, and felt replacement and repair

High E Facilitator Installation

Tonehole, Rib, Post, and Barrel Soldering

Oil Soaks (for wood instruments only)

Crack repair

Head Cork replacement

Joint Fitting

And more…