"Really excellent work!!! Congratulations on these designs and your level of detail. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a young man to watch! Me and Kanichi were talking about the next generation and saying there didn't seem to be a crop of makers coming up these days with a strong depth and breadth of flutemaking skills, but you have both. I hope you take 'em by storm!"

C.M. Flutemaker, Monticello NH

"Your work is nothing short of sublime, and I wanted to let you know just how much I appreciate your careful attention to detail. It is nothing short of inspiring!"

J.M. Miami, FL

"Thank you for the magic you worked on my flute! It plays better than it ever has before, and feels exactly like I want it to. Thank you for your impeccable attention to detail and fine workmanship!"
D.A. Seattle, WA

"I received my piccolo back today, and wanted to say that I love what you did with it! From the spring tension in both hands to the d# key (the sensitivity with which that key can be depressed or released now is amazing), it feels completely different. And the sealing action in some dubious registers, like b flat 1-c#1 octaves and e3-g3, allow for so much more room for depth. Everything zings along. I chose this headjoint because I was looking for something light that would also make me feel more secure in the middle and top registers, and [it] was much better suited to that particular role than the headjoint that originally came with the body. It feels even more so than before. I'm happy knowing that I can send my piccolo to someone that does such fantastic work with them. Thank you!"
J.E. Lawrenceburg, IN


"You are Magical! Squeeeee!"

L.B. Athens, GA

'The most highly trained and most zealous [flute technician] in Atlanta."

A.H. Atlanta, GA

"Without doubt, the finest flute technician in the South. Easily one of the best in the country."

CH. Atlanta, GA

"Having work performed on your instruments is often a scary thing—especially when it’s your first time working with someone! Other stressors we all experience include shipping our “babies” for repairs, losing a trusted repair person, possibly not being consulted on how you’d like the instrument configured, or having an instrument go MIA for close to two years while in the care of a repair person--I've experienced all of these.


Adam came highly recommended to me and working with him was a fantastic experience. It was refreshing to have a two-way dialog around materials that would be used, how the instrument would “feel”/play upon completion and it was wonderful to have someone actually solicit feedback on how I felt about the changes to the instruments. I have NEVER had someone who performed instrument work for me ask me if I was happy with the end result until I met Adam. He’s truly an artist: meticulous in his work, a perfectionist, a skilled craftsman, highly communicative; and, an excellent flutist. He also loves piccolos—WIN! I enthusiastically recommend him for flute and piccolo work."

D.D. Atlanta, GA

"...Let me just say that I love playing my flute again.  I think the adjustments you did today make my flute sound and respond better than I ever remember. The embouchure adjustment has virtually eliminated the tendency I had to gradually let the flute roll inward, which is something I constantly fought but could never seem to master...My husband, who is a trombonist and former flutist, was downstairs and came upstairs to my practice room and said the flute sounded amazing.  He said it sounded sweet and had a very good core. He said he could even hear the difference when he was downstairs.  He hears me play all the time and usually can't hear the subtle sound differences that I can, so the adjustments made that much of a difference. I just love playing my flute again!!"

C.W. Atlanta, GA

"I couldn't believe that Adam had actually sent my own flute back to me. I was so unhappy with my flute when I sent it off to Adam's care, but it is an entirely different flute after having a spa day with Adam! My [flute] looks beautiful and the sound is so gorgeous compared to its old days before the shop... I wouldn't trust my flute with any other skilled hands. Thank you so much, Adam, for making my baby new and ready to rock again!"

M.M. Lexington, KY


Adam did a superior job on my modern [Muramatsu] flute, and restored 3 vintage flutes. His service is impeccable, affordable and convenient. I couldn't be more pleased with the care he took with my flutes.

J.G. Atlanta, GA


Beautiful repair work by someone who knows how and takes great pride in his work. Adam's attention to detail and professionalism are second to none. I will be recommending him to my fellow flutists. Thank you again; my flute sounds fantastic!

K.K. Grand Forks, ND


Fantastic all around service. Took my flute and made it even better than when it was made. Adam fixed things that other techs wouldn't touch and he was willing to work within a given budget. The flute is fantastic!! Thank you for giving it a new life.

K. O. Durham, NC


If you need flute or piccolo service, you can trust that Adam Pettry will give your baby the attention and care it deserves!

R.B. Norfolk, VA


Fantastic flute/piccolo technician! Expect only the highest quality work and very detailed care.

K.R. Panama City, FL


"The piccolo is playing marvelously! Once I got warmed up and played for awhile, high Bs were flying out in scales and runs as easily as any other note. No extra work involved. Loving the cork pads."

L.B. Athens, GA


"Adam, you're right - it's a whole new flute! I'm delighted and enjoying getting to know it all over again."

J.G. Grand Forks, ND

"Adam,  Playing Stars and Stripes has never been easier.  You are amazing!  Thank you, thank you!"

K. C. Atlanta, GA