Our Sources

Historically speaking, fine flutes and piccolos have been crafted from old growth African Grenadilla, Jamaican Cocus or European Boxwood. Over-harvesting in the latter part of the 19th Century and early 20th Century unfortunately depleted a great amount of the world's supply of instrument quality hardwoods. Fine wood is becoming increasingly difficult to source, and less time is being taken to cure and season these precious resources yielding instruments of lesser quality.

Pettry Piccolos was very fortunate to have been born at a facility where oboes were manufactured. Geometrically, Oboes are bigger on the outside and smaller on the inside than piccolos. Many pieces of wood that were not dimensionally appropriate for oboes were saved over the course of decades in the hopes that one day they would find a purpose. It was the Blue Ridge Mountains that many pieces of this vintage, old growth timber were passed on, with some billets already over a century old! Furthermore Pettry Piccolos partnered with their elusive wood supplier who in many cases has stored rare hardwoods for decades. At long last, rare old-growth timbers have been rediscovered and are being put to use.

Our Process

Many of our woods came to us already seasoned and ready to for use. But a great deal of work goes into preparing a piece of timber to optimize its acoustic potential. Proper cutting, drying, synthesis of temperature extremes, resin infusions, and more importantly... time. Wood is never rushed in our workshop, nor is it disrespected. At Pettry Piccolos, we acknowledge that each piece of wood only aspires to be a tree, and we do whatever we can to slowly convince it to become a world class piece of art. Within our walls, our woods are attended with the utmost care and discerning attention, individually assessing the needs and status of each unique billet to maximize its sound and aesthetic beauty. 

Our Guarantee

Satisfying our Artists is our utmost concern, and our dedication to your satisfaction extends beyond the standards of any manufacturer. Every Pettry Piccolo or Headjoint is guaranteed against cracking for one year, and should such a situation arise, it will be repaired or replaced entirely at our expense. Furthermore, we acknowledge that some individuals may occasionally develop an allergy to certain exotic woods. While an allergy to a solid timber is a rare occurrence as compared to the dust produced in the manufacturing process, we offer a lifetime exchange policy, headjoint or body tubing only, to the original purchaser should any allergy arise. Ever. Terms and Conditions may apply.