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isn't in my vocabulary...

As a performer, you need to know that your instrument won't fail you when you need it most. After competing with a key held together by a rubber band, I've learned exactly how to make sure that never happens to you. Let me tell you my story.


Our Products


Pettry Piccolos

A Collaboration between Artists & Artisans

The Pettry Prestige Piccolo: Artisanal instruments blending old-world craftsmanship, and time honored traditions with 21st Century innovation.

Our Services


Clean, Oil 
& Adjust

Does your instrument play well, but it seems like you're working harder lately? Chances are that you need routine maintenance. Let us bring back the sparkle in your sound!


Overhauls & Comprehensive Repairs

Overhauls and in-depth repairs can be scary! But when it comes to closing the gap between a maker's vision and the reality of your instrument, that's our specialty!

Watchmaker Workbench

It took me YEARS to figure out how to enter the repair industry, and it took EVEN MORE time to learn to be a specialist and maker. If there's something you want to learn, I'm happy to teach you. Let's talk about it!

Repair Education

Perhaps you've heard of me...

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Rave Reviews

"I received my piccolo back today, and wanted to say that I love what you did with it! It feels completely different. And the sealing action in some dubious registers,  allow for so much more room for depth. Everything zings along.  I'm happy knowing that I can send my piccolo to someone that does such fantastic work with them. Thank you!"

Jake Edwards, Lawrenceburg, IN

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