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Our Inspiration...

Obviously, despite being a modern company, we derive a lot of our expertise from generations that came before us.

We trained with old world makers that embraced the future and passed their craft forward.

But as people, we have found fortitude in lives already lived. Inspiration from trailblazers that created paths for millions to follow, surrounds us on a daily basis. Big or small, majority or minority, their genius has driven our creativity to craft the future of piccolo making.

Their legacies inspire us to pay forward those lessons.

Meet our Heroes.

Our Heroes


Thomas Edison is considered one of the greatest American inventors of all time. He was also an incredible businessman. From the phonograph to the lightbulb, his impact on modern living is widespread to this day, nearly a century after his death. Despite some controversies surrounding his business practices, Edison was a transformative figure that still looms over the world today.

Alan Turing was an Englishman largely credited for cracking the German 'Enigma Machine' in WWII, which helped lead to the defeat of Nazi forces. While he was the man responsible for many WWII victories, Turing was also persecuted for being homosexual. Despite being credited for one of the largest technological and war-time credits of the 20th Century, Alan Turing committed suicide after suffering chemical castration as criminal punishment for homosexual activity. Later pardoned for his 'crimes,' Alan Turing is still considered the father of modern computer technology.

Curie Headshot.jpg

Marie Curie was not only the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, but also the only woman to win two Nobel Prizes, let alone the only person to win them in two disciplinary categories. Marie Curie pioneered radioactive chemical sciences which led to a vast multitude of modern scientific disciplines. She discovered many elements of modern science while simultaneously overcoming gender barriers of the scientific community. As a female pioneer of her discipline she could've chosen fame and fortune. Instead, she opted to forgo many of her financial rewards so that the world as a whole could continue to research and benefit from her work.

Tesla Headshot.jpg

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American Immigrant that dedicated his life to scientific discovery without seeking riches of his own. In fact, he intentionally avoided patent rights so that others could benefit from his discoveries. From steam power to wireless electricity, a great many of Tesla's discoveries are still being explored today. Tesla is often considered the grandfather of modern technology. 


Katherine Goble-Johnson was a widowed mother working for NASA when she was assigned as a 'computer' to double check calculations on the space program. Her work led to the first and multiple sub-sequentially successful space flights, including those circling earth and landing on the moon. She is known as one of the first African American women to work as a scientist for NASA.


Marsha P. Johnson was a gay liberation activist and self identified drag queen known as being a catalyst for the Stonewall Riots. As a transgender woman of color, Johnson is amongst the individuals largely responsible for the the modern Gay Rights Movement. On multiple accounts she marched and fought for the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals, and her legacy is still paving the way for countless individuals today.

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