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The Pettry Prestige

A New Generation of Sound

The Pettry Prestige is a piccolo born from a perfect blend of modern technology and time honored tradition. We got tired of struggling, so we redesigned the instrument from the ground up allowing you to 'put your foot on the gas, and fly!'

Made from the best materials, the Pettry Prestige is designed for performance, stability, and longevity. The standard features of this instrument are determined by need, not profit. That's why so many 'extras' are part of the package at no additional cost.

Success is a team effort. Let your instrument work FOR you and not AGAINST you. You DESERVE a luxurious experience from start to finish.


You've earned it.


A Flawless Foundation

Every Pettry Piccolo is a masterclass of acoustic design, mechanical engineering, and peerless quality of construction. From hand selecting each piece of wood to final voicing, every detail is carefully considered, observed, and executed according to the needs of every artist that collaborates on a new commission.

We have the highest quality of wood in the industry. Beyond hand selection, many of our vintage pieces have been passed down from Master to Apprentice since the early 1900's. This means that many of the trees our piccolos come from sprouted their first leaves around the turn of the 19th Century, nearly 200 years ago! No one else can claim that, let alone offer provenance.

Admiring the work of our peers, we designed a new generation of pinless mechanism that optimizes stability while also reducing opportunities for mechanical failure by nearly 30%. Furthermore, the Pettry Pinless Mechanism was designed to be easily serviced by most quality repair technicians.

Standard Features

Every Pettry Prestige Piccolo features all-grenadilla wood construction with a pinless sterling silver mechanism and matching headjoint.


Finished with our proprietary silicone piccolo pad, the Pettry Prestige includes the following mechanical features at no additional charge.


Vented C Key

Useful for shading intonation without altering fingerings. Plugs included.


Additional Options

Every Pettry Prestige is available with optional wood and mechanical upgrades for each order. Additional options include but are not limited to:

Mopani Headjoint Upgrade

All Mopani Wood Construction

Pettry Omni Trill Key

Straubinger Pads

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