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Pettry Piccolologists

Piccolologist: one who has studied the specialized, advanced repair techniques regarding the mechanical and acoustic issues unique to piccolos.

Being a 'Fancy Flute Tech' is one thing. But being a genuine piccolo 'specialist' is quite another! 


Pettry Piccolologists: Authorized Piccolo Specialists

I started my business while apprenticing as an oboe maker. It quickly became evident that I had an entirely different approach to handling piccolos. Many clients would bring instruments to me that had been serviced by incredible technicians, yet weren't ever 'quite right.'

When observing the incoming work, I could see the thoughtful, and skillful craftsmanship of high-end flute technicians applying top-tier flute repair techniques to the piccolos in front of me. And that was the problem!

Piccolos are not flutes!

The rules are different! And over time, technician after technician would ask for consultations and advanced specialty repair training, especially after I transitioned from repair tech to piccolo maker. As such, I began to compile a list of technicians that have successfully completed certification as a Pettry Piccolologist. 

Pettry Piccolologists are authorized repair technicians for Pettry Piccolos. They have trained in advanced piccolo repair skills applicable to all brands, but have also learned the proprietary techniques that are specific to Pettry Piccolos. Furthermore, they have direct access to my workshop, and all proprietary materials, including the synthetic Pettry Piccolo Pad.

Many of these technicians are gifted geniuses in their own right, some specializing in specific brands or the complexities of multiple nuanced professional woodwinds. My background is uniquely in favor of evaluating and reverse-engineering woodwind instrument theory and design. Our time spent together has always been tailored to their specific interests and areas of expertise.

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