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Getting into the 'business' is hard, but improving your skills? 

Even Harder!

Let me help you build your skills and your clientele!

Repair Education

Tool Shed

I knew that I wanted to be at a repair bench before I realized I wanted to be a maker. But I had no idea how to get there.

Repair School or a job at one of the Boston based makers is the easiest route from player to technician. You'll learn a solid foundation of skills and will make many connections (and friends) that you'll have for life!

But beyond these methods, opportunities to further your education are limited. Aside from certification courses, you're left to figure things out on your own or ask colleagues for advice.


This is where I can help.

Advanced mechanical piccolo and flute repairs are my specialty. My experience as a maker spans old world techniques to CNC technology and 3D modeling. I have also had the opportunity to train several of the top technicians in the United States, and produce tooling for major manufacturers. 

Let me help you to level up!

Where to Begin?

I'm happy to teach almost any skill that I have. Without opportunities to train and teach others, our craft will die. I have been very privileged in my career, and want to pass along what knowledge I can share. Most technicians need the most guidance with in-depth keywork repairs, tonehole repairs, wood repairs, and piccolo padding. These tend to be the areas that prevent a technician from becoming a true specialist, and can keep you from reaching clients you've always dreamed of!

If you have two years of experience at the bench, with one year of flute-specific repairs, and want to further your education, just reach out and we can start to develop a custom course to meet your needs. Courses must be conducted in person for bench-side instruction in Atlanta GA,  and last a minimum of three days. Tuition is billed at $960.00 per day based on an 8 hour workday. This  includes an allowance up to $250.00 for custom tooling for you to keep. 

If you want to pursue training with me, just let me know, and we can start planning!

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