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Who Needs One?

Professional Performers, and Aspiring Young Artists that want to feel empowered to pursue gigs outside their comfort zone (instead of struggling and feeling insecure in rehearsal).

Piccoloists in full-time performance jobs that are seeking to develop their artistry, while working less to 'level up.'

Enthusiastic performers who want to sound like a 'pro' without the daily commitment. I see you!


Our Vision of Success.

Opening your folder in rehearsal is always scary. What if there's a piccolo part?! GASP! We aim to turn 'Oh No!' into 'Oh Yes!'

The Pettry Piccolo is acoustically designed from the inside out so that once you engage your 'support' and 'set an intention,' it's like a car with an automatic transmission: it drives itself.

On top of that, we include a ton of 'extra features' needed to play your best at no additional cost. Period. 

I'm Adam, a performer turned maker after the sales market failed to provide a piccolo that was easy to play, but also offered a concept of sound that was complex and full across its' range.

I studied with famous teachers and worked with top tier flute retailers across the country, but I never found my sound. I would practice but there was always a 'wall.'  No matter the brand, I kept hitting limitations of sound, technique, and response. At these prices or waiting lists? Unacceptable.

Eventually, I realized there was a gap in the piccolo market. There wasn't a single piccolo that was easy to play, in tune, that offered depth and projection while also allowing the player to relax and chill as they played. Every piccolo was a 'manual transmission' vehicle. I wanted 'Automatic' and dare I say 'power windows!'

Who am I?

I'm Adam


Sound Familiar?!

Then you've probably experienced these things too...

You're counting rests and dreading that moment the conductor gives you the cue because you know you'll be out of tune (if the notes come out at all!)

Your teacher asked "Did you practice this week?" Yes, but it's still a struggle with zero improvement.

You've spent hundreds of dollars on repairs, yet your piccolo remains obstinately out of adjustment. It must possessed by a demon sent to taunt you.


Life is full of the unexpected...

I didn't originally plan to be a maker.

Originally, I went to repair school just so I could be an instrument repair tech.  It quickly became obvious I had a knack for machining new parts and woodwind repair. These skills helped me land a job at a high end woodwind shop. 

I was good at what I did, but I was restless. I needed something more. A new opportunity opened that would allow me to do what I did best while learning to become something new.

I Jumped!

... into the deep end of instrument making and design, dedicating my career to making the lives of players, like you, as easy as possible. Join the Pettry Piccolos family, and I'll always be in your corner.


Discover a new way to play.
An Easier Way.

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