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Repair Services

There's nothing scarier than sending your instrument to a technician you don't know! I get it! I had to do that too!

And it's even worse when you have no idea what's going on, so you end up trusting a total stranger.

Don't worry ever again. We've got it under control!

Clean, Oil, & Adust

Has it been a year since your last service? Has it lost its' 'magic?' This might be what you need.


Do your keys wiggle too much? Are your pads over 8 years old? No Worries! I can handle it!


Mechanical & Misc.

Sometimes, the unexpected happens! Even though it can be super stressful, I've seen worse. 

Shipping & Delivery

My repair clients span the globe. If ANYONE can help you ship an instrument safely, I can!


I Fixed it. No Problem!

LB, Athens GA

"You are Magical! Squeeeee!"


JM, Miami FL

"Your work is nothing short of sublime, and I wanted to let you know just how much I appreciate your careful attention to detail. It is nothing short of inspiring!"


MS, Edwardsville IL

"I couldn't believe that Adam had actually sent my own flute back to me. My [flute] looks beautiful and the sound is so gorgeous! I wouldn't trust anyone else!"

Clean, Oil, & Adjust

It's been a year since it's been serviced right? And you're working a little bit harder than usual... Easy!

I take it apart, clean it, give it a gentle polish, and change all of your key oil.

I check and adjust every pad and key for a perfect seal, and a buttery feel under the fingers. Playing should be easy.

I change the headjoint cork. NO ONE likes mold in their flute!

Lastly, I give it a thorough test play. Only a pro player can feel if it's ready. Luckily, I am one! Mozart to Jolivet. Got it!


Overhauls... My Specialty!

You've been playing a LOT, and it's just too much work! Pads are getting old, and your flute feels sloppy. Happens all the time!

I take it apart, clean it, and take care of any dents or cosmetic issues. 

I make sure the keys are fitting tight, but disappear under your fingers.

Toneholes should still be flawless. If not? No biggie! I've got it.

Pads affect your sound. So I help you choose what's best for your flute and for your style of playing.

Installation and finishing second to none. Period.

Like new shoes, new parts need to be broken in. I take care of this for you so your instrument is stable and reliable.

Straubinger_Certified_Technician (1).png

Mechanical & Misc.

Life is unpredictable, and this is where my skills really shine. I have become the technician's tech, and subcontract the more complex jobs from other shops, or teach them to do it themselves.

Key adjustment & Modification

Mechanical Rebuilding

Mechanism re-alignment

Dent and scratch removal

Rust Removal

All types of pad, cork, and felt replacement and repair

High E Facilitator Installation

Tonehole, Rib, Post, and Barrel Soldering

Wood Oil Treatments

Crack repair

Wood Tonehole replacement

Embouchure hole repair

Head Cork replacement

Joint Fitting

And more…

Just tell me about the problem, and we'll figure it out together!

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