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I had an idea...

After working as a repair technician, I realized I aspired to be more - to bring music into the world. I needed to nurture my creative spark and embark on a new journey!

I packed my bags and decided to study instrument making at Covey Oboes in Blairsville GA, and that's where Pettry Piccolos began.

Studying acoustics, mechanical design, and instrument manufacture opened my eyes to a new world that repair technicians simply don't understand. They try to FIX things. I aspire to MANIFEST things as they are MEANT TO BE!

After some time learning, growing, and designing instruments of my own, I decided to move to Atlanta. Here, I've collaborated with the best of the best - no, seriously, my team is AMAZING - and have been serving artists from around the world ever since!

Our Creative Process


Consulting, Designing

& Evaluating


Precision Crafting, Refining, & Setup


Testing, Voicing, & Fine Tuning


Dazzling Delivery!


Our Quality Guarantee

There's nothing worse than getting a bill without an explanation, and then being underwhelmed with the results. We get it! We're flutists too! At Pettry Piccolos, we aspire to help you create the sound you've always dreamt about, and will do everything we can to make it happen!

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