All customers are more than welcome to ship their instrument to me, especially if hand delivery is too cumbersome for the often hectic schedule of the professional and student musician. Lessons, rehearsals, recitals, concerts, masterclasses, conventions... I get it! I've been there and done that many times over. I can highly recommend shipping your instrument as long as it is packed properly and sent through a reliable carrier.


Packing your instrument is simple: remove everything from the case cover and case excluding your instrument and swab rod. Also include a return shipping label. This ensures that your instrument is sent, insured, and returned exactly the way it should be: Your Way! It also saves you time, money, and frustration in the end. Once these three items are put together, pack it in a sturdy box (200lb corner crush weight) that allows for at least three inches of high quality padding on all sides. Packing peanuts, grocery bags, towels, or stuffed animals do not count under ANY circumstances! Ensure that all seams are taped securely, and your instruments are ready for their spa treatment.


Based on history at my specific location, I personally use UPS as my primary carrier. However, FedEx and the USPS are also viable options, but may the odds be ever in your favor... I will always use the carrier you have selected with your pre-paid return shipping label, and the packing materials you have used, unless proven inadequate.


I also recommend that you purchase shipping insurance if your instrument is not insured during shipping under another insurance provider. Most riders on a homeowner's insurance policy do not cover shipping.

Return Shipping

All customers are encouraged to follow the above shipping instructions for proper and efficient transport of their instruments. If any of the above requirements are NOT met, shipping will be billed to the customer as follows: UPS Ground wholesale rate including Direct Delivery and Adult Signature charges (average $30-40) , all packing materials at wholesale rates, plus the hourly shop rate of $90/hour for handling (averaging $45). 

Shipping & Delivery

Sometimes life doesn't afford us the luxury of being able to set an appointment to meet with one another, and to have the work done in person, or to ensure the safe delivery of your treasured instrument. But that's okay! There are many conveniences available to us to guarantee that your instrument arrives safely, is repaired expertly, and is delivered in premium condition. 

Flute Delivery Service