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Meet the Team


When I say that I have THE BEST team, I totally mean it!

Long before I announced my entry into the market of handmade piccolos, I determined that I wanted to create a collaborative network to support my artists. 

I source my materials from only the best craftspeople and brokers in each respective industry. I travel long distance to my wood vendor to hand select every single piece of wood. I spend hours on the phone with jewelry suppliers to source specific parts and materials made to the tightest tolerances possible.

Cases? Only the best Italian woodworkers I've ever seen, meticulously designing cases around each specific instrument. Case covers? The highest quality leather, and the most savvy flute fashion designer on the planet. Sales and Media? People I want to call my Flute Family because they want YOU to sound your best and find your dream of career success.

Meet my Collaborative of Artisans.

The Pettry Piccolo Team

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Flutistry: My sales DREAM TEAM! It's one thing to have a high octane sales team representing your brand. But there are a lot of those around! As I was starting to float the idea of a new, high-end manufacturing company to dealers, only one company checked off all of my boxes. 

I wanted a company that had some of the highest instrument standards in the business. Being located in Boston, the flute making capital of the world, they obviously made the cut. I wanted a company that also put players first, without a hard-sale being their bottom line. A company that put the dreams of artists first and foremost, and did whatever they could to make it happen. I also wanted a highly skilled repair team, and a network of people I could go out with at the end of the day, and call them my friends.

Adam Workman and his team are incredible, and I can't recommend them enough! Visit Flutistry for any sales related needs!

FluterScooter: the fashion ICON of the flute industry. I'll be honest. When I first saw Andrea's bags back in 2012, I knew she was going places! I remember approaching her nearly two years before I was ready to launch in order to have time to commission and design a custom line of piccolo bags.

It took several revisions, but after a lot of procrastination on my part, Andrea helped bring my dream piccolo bag to reality, and surpassed anything I could have ever imagined! We managed to create a case cover that was extremely versatile: High quality materials and construction, sleek, timeless, practical, gender-neutral, and socially discreet.


As musicians we can't always go from a rehearsal to a social function and leave our instruments in the car! So we wanted a bag that could act as a discreet clutch, so it could protect the instrument, but lack the awkwardness of a bulky gig bag. Andrea NAILED it! See Andrea's genius on the FluterScooter website.

NR Media: Nicole Riccardo. What can I possibly say? This girl is a Freakin' GENIUS when it comes to marketing in the classical music industry. And I'll be real with you. I'm a very blunt, and to-the-point realist. But in written text, that's NOT an attribute that translates well in emails or social media blasts to artists baring their souls through their craft. 

I'll never forget it. Nicole once conveyed to me: the 'you' I see online, is not the Adam I know from in-person. The 'online Adam' can come across poorly. But the Adam I know? He's kind, compassionate, INFECTIOUS, a savant-level genius, and has a heart of gold! I could listen to you talk about your work ALL DAY! Just be THAT Adam online.

So whenever I have anything media related, or a product launch, Nicole is my go-to girl. Nicole and the Ladies at NR Media are brilliant, and I can't imagine doing my job without their input!

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